13 Reasons

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for my absence from the blogging community. I have been bogged down with University commitments as well as personal commitments. I have also been binge watching 13 Reasons Why and WOWEE! What a show that is! I’m not going to lie it is quite messed up, and in my opinion... Continue Reading →

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Do I Miss You?

Do I miss you? Or do I miss the idea of you? That’s a question I keep asking myself, without finding the answer. Maybe I’m just lonely, and like the idea of having someone there that I can talk to, relate to, have laughs with and get intimate with. Maybe I just miss you when... Continue Reading →

Why Lead Me On?

Another story that started from tinder. I met this gal named Charlotte on tinder. Beautiful lady. Dark skinned, brown hair, a bit taller than me. A published model, so she was very neat. She resembled Rihanna. I kid you not, she looked like a twin. We matched on a Sunday morning, and started conversing. Things... Continue Reading →

Little Love Poem

Here is a little bit of a throwback. I wrote this poem in 2014 for a gal I really liked. We went on a date after she read this, and it was actually quite lovely. We had really good chemistry. Everything went well. Well at least i thought so. Unfortunately we never dated again because... Continue Reading →


Why is there great divide on this beautiful planet of ours, that we call home??? This had me thinking, had me writing, and had me rapping. I wrote this verse from ‘Homeland’ because there is too much prejudice, bias and discrimination that happens in our society, and we need to change! [Verse 1, Homeland] Look... Continue Reading →


Commitment is a word that I have struggled to implement in my life, in the past, and something I’d like to overcome for the future. At the start of Year 10, was when I had my first relationship. It was with a lovely girl named Ashleigh, who my friend Saphron organised. It was nice. We... Continue Reading →

Hopeless Romantic

Okay I’m going to be honest. I was a hopeless romantic… and I have been for most of my life. When I was younger I ‘fell’ for people to easily and to quickly which resulted in me getting hurt quite a lot because of the constant rejection. I wrote poems for the girls I liked.... Continue Reading →

Closure (Lyrics)

Many of you wouldn't know this however in my down time, I like to produce music as well as write lyrics for potential tracks. This is a snippet of something I have been working on. Closure I was blind, but now I see, Obviously, weren’t meant to be, Mrs Right, but I turned left, Thinking... Continue Reading →


I was up late at night and a million things were rushing through my head, and for some reason I started thinking about death and how it scares me, and then I started thinking of all my other fears... Fear Now, like most, I'm living with fears. A fear of never being good enough within... Continue Reading →

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