Accept Yourself!

The other day I decided to see my favourite barber (Mr. Perfect), to get my hair ‘perfected’. Quite a catchy motto considering his last name is actually perfect! I end up going there roughly every 6 weeks because my hair goes through a really random phase where it looks really weird and of course I’m self-conscious about it.

To be honest that self-consciousness started when I was younger and in High School. I used to be proud of my hair because I had a really nice Afro. Took me a while to grow it, but boy was it worth it. It had the shape, the growth, it was just a really well rounded fro. Unfortunately all through High School people would come up to me and ask me if they could “pat my hair”.

giphy (5).gif

It was fine at first, until I got asked nearly every week for 4/5 years. It slowly started to build up and take a toll on me. The fact that they said pat, made me feel like an animal. That they were stroking me like they’d stroke their pet. Overtime this made me more aware and more self-conscious about my hair and how I wanted people to perceive me. So (to my mums distaste) I started shaving my hair short, and I have kept it that way since I left High School.

Anyway back to the story, So I’m at Mr. Perfect’s barber getting my hair shaved and shaped. He finishes up, does another great job as always, I look in the mirror and can I just say how amazing it feels to look at yourself, love what you see and feel like a million bucks! That’s exactly how I felt! I was more than comfortable with the way I looked, I remember saying to myself in the car ride home “I look hot”. Whether other people agreed with me or not, all that mattered was I was satisfied with myself and how I looked. I wasn’t being narcissistic at all, I was just feeling confident. It’s amazing how something that small can change your whole persona. I went from this slightly introverted guy before my haircut, transforming into an Alpha afterwards (Well not really, but you get the point!). A sudden surge of happiness. It’s amazing how little changes like that, can change the way you feel about yourself.

giphy (8).gif

I mean everyday on social media you see men and women constantly trying to gain approval from others about how they look, to gain some self-satisfaction and to be accepted by society. That’s fine if you like to do that, however I believe that it has to come from within first. What’s the point of gaining appraisal from other people, if at the end of the day you may still feel unhappy with who you see in the mirror? I also understand that some people may not be happy with their self-image due to unfortunate circumstances from the past that shaped their way of thinking, and they find it hard to overcome it. Or even how society portrays ‘positive body images’ on social media these days. However I urge you to break the norms, to find something that sets you apart from somebody else and expand on that. Make that your Niche. Start appreciating yourselves even more. Feel confident within yourselves. Don’t be afraid to be different! Make yourself unique. After all, you’re the only YOU on this planet, and that’s something to be proud of!

giphy (7).gif

Okay so somehow I went on a tangent from explaining how my haircuts give me more confidence, to how one can feel more happy within themselves. However, that was the underlying theme here, so hopefully you took something out of it. If not and I was just completely rambling on about some BS, that’s fine also! Even though everyday I’m learning to appreciate the things that set me apart from everyone else, which in turn makes me happier! Because, I am different! I’m still not 100% with myself and like most things it takes time, however I’m going to continue to get these haircuts, because they make me feel great!!!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have an awesome day!

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