Closure (Lyrics)

Many of you wouldn’t know this however in my down time, I like to produce music as well as write lyrics for potential tracks. This is a snippet of something I have been working on.


I was blind, but now I see,

Obviously, weren’t meant to be,

Mrs Right, but I turned left,

Thinking now, I should have kept,

My Distance,

From the bitches, knowing they will only scar,

Always there to break my heart,

Always rejected from the start,

Things didn’t turn out the way I planned,

Saw you chasing another man,

Told you all I needed was time,

You gave me salt and crossed the line,

“I was drunk and off my head”

Still didn’t need to take him to bed,

Couldn’t tell you where my head was at,

Right after we had our little chat,

At least I got some closure,

After telling you that we’re over!

I love being poetic and expressing my emotions through writing, whether bad or good as it gives me a sense of liberation! The lyrics above, I wrote after experiencing some heartbreak. Long story, short! I was dating a girl for a while. I really did like her however we had been dating for six or seven weeks and it was time to take things to the next level as we couldn’t just stay in the dating phase forever. I didn’t know what I really wanted either, however she wanted a relationship. So I took a step back to assess where we were at and if a relationship was what I really wanted. A couple days had passed and we hadn’t seen each other for a week however we’d been talking in that time. It was New Years Eve and I received a text message from her that pretty much stated that she wanted to get with someone that night as we both were confused as to what we wanted, and if we missed each other’s company that we should text again. Anyway I’m at the same festival as she is, however she didn’t know this (As I made a last minute decision in buying a ticket, literally 2 hours before the festival started). I was walking around the festival grounds, everyone was counting down to midnight and I happened to turn around and who did I see? The girl I was dating. However she was wrapped around another guy and they were kissing quite passionately. This definitely hurt me a lot, as I wasn’t expecting to see that, however from the text message I kind of felt that it was going to happen. Actually seeing it unfold right in front of my eyes however just really cut me. So I decided to walk out of the festival, quite saddened by what I saw. I was walking on the train station platform and in front of me I see her and the guy she was with sitting down. I couldn’t turn around and walk away so I had to face them. I walked towards them, looked at her, gave her a wave about to engage in conversation, however she looked at me and then started cuddling the guy she was with, so I just walked off. I knew that she was going home with him that night, and after everything that I had seen and felt, I needed to express my emotions. That’s how this verse came about… It was hard for me to deal with at the time and I might have partial blame for the events that occured, however being able to express myself really helped. So I guess my advice to you would be to not let your emotions bottle up inside you. You should either tell somebody, or find other means of letting it out, because you will feel a whole lot better afterwards and at least 100x happier or more relieved.

In saying that, after you read this. Whether it’s the morning or the evening for you. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day! Much Love!!!!

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