Why is there great divide on this beautiful planet of ours, that we call home??? This had me thinking, had me writing, and had me rapping. I wrote this verse from ‘Homeland’ because there is too much prejudice, bias and discrimination that happens in our society, and we need to change!

[Verse 1, Homeland]

Look at the life that we all live, hardly giving to the people who we know they can’t give,

Perception, deception, surrounded by misconception,

Divided, one-sided, generations all misguided,

Funny how we don’t see what’s in-front,

Scared to confront issues, we continue, to stay dormant, passing up on what’s important, rather buy a pair of Jordans,

Or Yeezys, cause it’s easy, easier than telling the truth, at least that’s what we tell our youth,

It’s time to ‘fess, time to address, time to get it off our chest, in a world that is so messed,

Time to rise up be our best, that’s our test, time for progress,

Pigments of our skin divided, I know that’s how it’s always been,

Draw a line on what defines us as being us, stereotyping on the cusp, race hating’s now a must (Bullshit!)

We can erase divide, we can put it to one side, let it wash ‘way with the tide,

No race needs to hide, cause now we can walk with pride,

We are one, 8 Billion,

It’s time to raise our hands, because this is our homeland!

I’ve never quite understood why there is a huge divide between individuals in society. How some people feel like there are above others, due race, status, ethnicity, religion, gender or any other characteristics. Why they think it is ‘okay’ to belittle others. Why they think it is ‘okay’ to facilitate violence. Why they think it is ‘okay’ to preach hate and discriminate. I just can’t fathom why society sits back and lets this happen. I know there are people that action for change, however there are a lot of people who I define as ‘watchers’. When I say ‘watchers’, I mean the people that say “Yes, I agree we should do something about it” but when it comes time, they don’t, they just watch other people do it. I understand it’s hard for some of the older generations to change their ways because of their upbringings, and how their children are shaped from the decisions and attitudes of their parents, however, our youth are the future. We NEED to lead from the front, we NEED to be the ones to action change, because without US, there will be no future. We ARE the future, and we have the right to have a say in what world we are brought up in, and what world we’d like to bring our children and grandchildren up in. Everyone has a say in what world they’d like to bring their children and grandchildren in to. A world where one is not discriminated against due to their colour. Whether they are too light or too dark. A world where one is not discriminated against due to their ethnicity. Whether they be of Middle-Eastern, Asian, African, British, American, Australian or any decent. A world where on is not discriminated against based on their religious beliefs. Whether they be Jewish, Catholic, Christian, Hindu, Islamic or any religion. A world where one is not discriminated against based on their gender preferences. Who cares if you’re homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual or gender dysphoric. Love is love, and who are you to judge! There are calls for equality in society, yet people still don’t show it. It doesn’t matter what you are on the outside, because we are all the same on the inside. As cliché as that sounds, it’s true!! Just look at X-Rays if you doubt me!! Seriously though, we are humans! As humans, it is our job to look after humanity (and the world, but that’s a story for another time). Humanity is defined as “the quality of being humane”. To be humane is to show compassion, to be compassionate to humanity.  Just take a second, and let that sink in. It’s time for us to unite. Love thy neighbour. Love our differences. Love our similarities. It’s time to love each other!

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